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Special Features

Special Features of our 2015 Garden furniture range

Close-up-TOP-thicknessAll tables in our new range is designed with strong and robust 5 cm thick top.  The thickness of top defines its look and beauty when come in sets with the matching chairs or benches.

Accompanying the robust tops, the Harrods Table range offer distinctive feel with the oresence of marble legs and lazy suzan.

Our Harrods tables come in round and oval shapes.



CloseUp-HingesTo support the top thickness, each components of our tables and accessories are selected and made to assure its whole stability and rigidity.

For our extending table range, to support and ensure its streng and durability, every leaf is applied with three stainless steel hinges.


CloseUp-Bow-legsDespite of strength and durability, our mindset is also to present aesthethics in customers homes.

Besides the strength and durability, our mindset is also to present aesthetics in customer home which brings sense of greater life style.
Accompanying the thick and robust 5 cm table tops, we now provide aesthetic curved legs in every extending tables. These legs made by correct measurement of the timber and also beautiful curvature that give our extending tables more artistic value.

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